Accompanying development

About Us

MEKAMIC Construction and Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company operates in the field of Supporting industries, belongs to the group of mechanical engineering, with 3 main product groups:

  • Mechanical processing as required
  • Design and manufacture equipment according to requirements
  • Install systems of industrial machines and equipment

Understanding customers’ problems, promptly responding to needs, creating new values ​​together with customers is our operating principle

Accordingly, our consistent policy is:

Respond promptly and satisfy customers’ requirements

Our core values

Our commitment:

  1. In any cases, quality is of the utmost importance. Quality is evaluated by customer satisfaction, not from subjective judgment
  2. Knowing information from customers through interactions and exchanges will make the workflow faster, respond properly, fully and in accordance with the needs of customers
  3. Communicate incessantly so that all members of the Company have thoughts: the customer is in need of the product to fix the problem. Schedule is a very important thing for customer to resolve problem
  4. Always ready to assist customers to handle arising problems. Problem solving is important, not let the procedures and small benefits be barriers
  5. Price is an important factor for the benefit of the customer. Always searching for solutions, constantly improving to get the right price while still ensuring the quality standards of customers

MEKAMIC always wants to accompany, for the benefit of cooperation and mutual development